DumaNet IRC Network (English version)

The DumaNetWork (DumaNet) is a Hungarian IRC (Internet Relay Chat) network. The network has six IRC servers (three Hungarian and three foreign). The services are available since 2010. This network is primarily for Hungarian users, but it is open for everyone who follow the rules.

Server list

      Server Port   SSL   SSL Port     Location
irc.dumanet.hu            6667 SSL van 6697   Hungary
irc.dumanet.eu           6667 SSL van 6697   Hungary
irc.dumanet.com 6667 SSL van 6697   USA, Washington
irc.dumanet.org 6667 SSL van 6697   Hungary
irc.dumanet.nl 6667 SSL van 6697   France
irc.dumanet.ru 6667 SSL van 6697   Italy

IPv6 server: ipv6.dumanet.hu Port: 6667 SSL port: 6697

Network Services

  • Services (NickServ, ChanServ, MemoServ, etc)
  • Server and network statistics, Denora (StatServ) - stat.dumanet.hu
  • User friendly website with webchat (only hungarian version): dumanet.hu
  • LightIRC webclient server-side support. Port: 1111
    Available on this servers: irc.dumanet.hu, irc.dumanet.com, irc.dumanet.org

General rules

  • BNC, eggdrop using is allowed.
  • Maximum 2-3 connection from a host (IP).
  • Clients side scripts (for example:: mIRC scripts) usage allowed.
  • Follow the general Netiquette rules.
  • Obey the Hungarian and International laws.
  • Forbidden (We do not tolerate):
    - Spamming, flooding, advertisement & advertisement bots.
    - Using a malicious and/or viral scripts.

DumaNetWork - Why?

The network owners would like to provide a non-profit, AdFree and spam free IRC based communication solution to everyone, who are open for it. Most of the servers are ready for SSL encryption. We would like to promote and extend the IRC traditions and 'feeling' :)

Contact & problem

If You have technical problems, connection problems, or your BNC/host got banned (kline), and You think it is a mistake, You can contact us on the #help community channel. Official language: hungarian and english (only).